To use your POD license with STAR-CCM+ try this:

  1. login as interactive session with graphics
ssh -X

qsub -W group_list=hyak-stf -I -V -l nodes=1:ppn=8,feature=8core
  1. then start STAR-CCM+ with some extra arguments for POD:
module load starccm_10

starccm+ -power -podkey Your-POD-Key-HERE

To use Power on Demand Licence for batch jobs you will need to set up a ssh tunnel from your login node:

For Login Node = loginA use:
ssh -g -f -N -L -L loginA.hyak.local 

In the Script for Batch Jobs add licence path:

module load starccm_10  
starccm+ -np ${PBS_NP} -batch -licpath 1999@loginA.hyak.local -power -podkey aabbbccc -machinefile ${PBS_NODEFILE}  file.sim >& output.txt

Here is an example of complete PBS script to submit job to the queuing system: The job can be submitted by running command "qsub ./". Also you will notice a STAR-CCM+ macro is used to automatically mesh and then run the simulation: This is helpful if using the "backfill" queue on Hyak where it is possible that your job can be interrupted at any time. However, Hyak will automatically restart your job and continue running up to the walltime limit you request, BUT be careful that your simulation is setup to automatically save intermediate time steps/iterations so that it does not re-start from a blank mesh or solution. The STAR-CCM+ user guide details how to setup "automatically saving".